Production Deisgn

Today blog entry will be on one visual element which is often overlooked.Production design is the overall look of a film that illustrates the setting and visual style of the story. Production design includes the design of the sets, location choices, choice and supervision of props. Close collaboration with the DP and the Director concerning colour and mood are an important part of this job. Production design can tell an audience everything they need to know about a character before even introducing them. Wes Anderson displays in his film’s a precise eye for visual detail that is uncanny. “Wes Anderson is one of the most influential filmmakers of his generation. With storybook-like imagery, and highly stylized production design and cinematography he is the definition of an auteur and certainly one of my favourite filmmakers working today” (Lagace, 2013)”Some may not like his singular vision of a quirky universe none of us will ever know but thankfully that has never stopped him. In a cinematic landscape often overloaded with over-rated cookie-cutter films made to sedate a seemingly unaware public, Wes Anderson’s films are a welcome breath of fresh air in my books (Lagace, 2013).” A film that is a personal favourite of mine as well as a film which displays subtle and exquisite production design is Rushmore. A stand out scene in the film shows Max Fischer’s extracurricular activities which is a optimum example of Anderson use of production design elements. The scene displays a wide variety of places costumes colours and props but is still able to keep the overall sequence neutral and consistent in cinematic tropes.. Anderson goes well and beyond an expected production design level with every cut having a different setting, props, outfits and all else things mise en scene. Although he uses different cuts for the entire scene it flows flawlessly with the changing. “David Wasco was the production design for rushmore began his career in production design in 1980 and has since worked on over twenty films as either a production designer or art director. As a production designer, Wasco created the innovative looks for “Rushmore,” “Jackie Brown,” “Pulp Fiction” and the Academy Award nominated “El Norte.””. This scene is so important as it introduces who max is without the use of dialogue , The setting and environments are all presented to the audience as his own creation. The production design of this scene, contributed to the overall conception that Rushmore is max’s utopia, a one which he created. Elements of the storyline connect and foreshadowed events were brought back into the story later on. Something that looks good must have a purpose, it must help in the progression of a story. Weco and Anderson clearly demonstrate this in Rushmore through their intelligent use of placement as well as their quirky and interesting art style. Everything happens for a reason.

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